James Langley Memorial Trust

Supporting members of the CBSO Youth Orchestra

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If you are interested in submitting an application to the James Langley Memorial Trust (JLMT), please note the following important points before clicking on the link to the online application form in the box below:

1. Applications to the JLMT are welcomed from any current members of the CBSO Youth Orchestra who have completed at least one course, or from those who have left the CBSO Youth Orchestra within the twelve months preceding their application (and who have also completed at least one course).
Please note that the JLMT is unable to accept applications from any musician who has not been a member of the CBSO Youth Orchestra.

2. The annual window for JLMT applications commences with the CBSO Youth Orchestra's course in October (usually scheduled during the autumn half term holiday), and closes on 30th November each year.
The Trustees regret to say that applications received outside of this window cannot be accepted.

Applications from CBSO Youth Orchestra members of any age are accepted although the Trustees look favourably on applications from younger members of the orchestra. Examples of previous awards include assistance towards the purchase of instruments, specialist tuition and masterclass fees, and funding for residential courses and relevant music-related enterprises - for a full list of past JLMT recipients, please visit the Awards page.

The Trustees take a broad view when considering applications, seeking to balance the achievements and potential of each applicant, their contribution to the life of the CBSO Youth Orchestra, and the comments of an applicant's referees.

The Trustees are keen to assist where financial issues stand in the way of realising potential. The Trust has taken a particular interest in applicants prior to tertiary education, when a family's budget may be at its most stretched, and where the number of trusts that can assist young musicians prior to tertiary education is limited, whereas universities often have other sources of funding available (the Registrar’s Department of the applicant’s place of study can provide information on such trusts and scholarships). The Trustees are also aware that the transition from secondary to tertiary education can cause financial hardship when there may be the need, for example, to replace an instrument or to have extra tuition prior to an entry audition.

Where the sum sought is in excess of the sum available, applicants are encouraged to apply to other trusts and statutory or voluntary bodies, in addition to The James Langley Memorial Trust, since the Trustees are prepared to act together with other trusts and sources of funding to assist the chosen project.

Also, if the applicant has any other mitigating circumstances which they think are relevant to their application, this should be included in their submission.

For financial assistance regarding travel expenses and/or accommodation for CBSO Youth Orchestra commitments, please refer to the CBSO's Learning & Participation department and ask them about The Blyth Major Bursary Fund.

If you are a current member of the CBSO Youth Orchestra, or if you have left the CBSO Youth Orchestra within the last twelve months, and are interested in applying for financial assistance from the JLMT, please submit your application by completing the online form here.

If you have any questions about the JLMT or your application, please contact the Hon. Secretary:

Mrs. Caroline Jephcott
6 Pinfield Drive, Barnt Green, Stoke Heath, Birmingham B45 8XA
Email: honsec@jlmt.org.uk